Start with a Conversation

First, homeowners and contractors need to do their best to work through any differences that may arise.  It’s recommended to address something immediately rather than let it fester.  Recognizing a home improvement or renovation is a stressful period, keeping emotions at bay and focusing on the factual points of the matter help advance resolution.  Having a clear and reasonable outcome in mind also keeps the conversation on track.

Wisconsin Right to Cure Law

During your conversations, if you reach a stalemate, the next step is to attempt resolution through the Wisconsin “Right to Cure Law.”  As titled, the contractor has the right to cure/fix construction defects.  This law will walk you through the process and proof of Right to Cure must be provided before any third party can intervein.

Dispute Resolution Clause

If Right to Cure has not resolved the concerns, the parties need to refer to the contract for the agreed upon dispute resolution process. Not all contracts have a dispute resolution clause.  It they do, it needs to be followed by the parties.  If there is not a clause, then one party can start a resolution process of their choosing (NARI’s Disagreement Resolution process, Arbitration Association of America, circuit court system, etc.).