2010 Local Achievement Award Winners

Affiliate Organization of the Year: Time Warner Cable
This honor is presented to a member company – not directly in the home improvement and remodeling industry – that has supported the local association in its business activities and has enhanced its operations. The 2010 recipient has assisted the association by being a major contributor to the association’s annual consumer shows at the Wisconsin Exposition Center, creating an area that allows attendees to get some rest while they go through the expansive exhibit hall and meet with qualified contractors, plus stay up-to-date on that day’s sporting events. In addition, the company assisted the association in promoting its core purpose through the production of a series of videos that aired through its On-Demand service, resulting in thousands of viewings by interested consumers.

Bill Bobrowitz Image Award: Chris Holum, Kohler Co.
This award recognizes an individual or organization that has contributed to the enhancement of the industry’s image. The 2010 winner has been a key associate to many association members. He has strived to help Milwaukee/NARI members find the perfect product for their clients, and he is a valuable resource when seeking product advice. By offering educational opportunities for members and sponsoring association activities, he has helped Milwaukee/NARI maintain its place as the areas leading home improvement and remodeling resource. A key contributor to the Spring Home Improvement Showcase Committee, and the newest member of the Milwaukee/NARI Foundation board of directors, this gentlemen will be a part of Milwaukee/NARI and an advocate for its members for years to come.

Certified Professional of the Year: Ken Connor, CR, Connor Remodeling & Design, Inc.
The Certified Professional of the Year Award recognizes a person who’s been a Certified Professional for at least three years and has continued to excel in the field, while sharing professional experience and expertise with other association members. A member of Milwaukee/NARI for more than 20 years, this person earned his Certified Remodeler designation more than a decade ago. He has assisted the Certified Professionals program by serving as an instructor during the training program and he has successfully worked with others to achieve Certified Professional status. He volunteers his time to staff the association’s information booth at consumer shows, participates in panel discussions at area technical colleges, visits area high schools to make presentations, and provides responses to consumer inquiries for question and answer columns. He has served on several association committees, including chairing the Program Committee, and in 2010, he enthusiastically heeded the request of the Milwaukee/NARI president to serve as chair of a committee that unexpectedly had an opening.

Distributor of the Year: Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
The Distributor of the Year is an honor that recognizes a member company that has demonstrated a strong commitment to NARI, to the remodeling industry, and to our community. This company has been an association member since 2003. The company’s official representative is a member of the Milwaukee/NARI Foundation Board. The company is a significant product donor to the Milwaukee/NARI Foundation Rummage Sale, plus staff volunteers at the event, assisting with pricing, selling, and loading. The company has been a major sponsor and product donor to the Milwaukee/NARI Foundation Golf Outing. The company is a supplier to a number of Milwaukee/NARI members, working with those companies too not only enhance their business operations, but to be more available to consumers. Staff regularly promotes Milwaukee/NARI to business people with whom they do business, and the company displays Milwaukee/NARI materials for pick up by those that visit its location.

Mary Fox-Hagner Lifetime Achievement Award: Mal Richert, CRS, Fred Richert Pump Co.
This award, which recognizes the association’s executive director from 1993 – 2005, is bestowed on a person who has been in the remodeling industry for at least 20 years and a member of NARI for at least seven years. This year’s recipient easily meets both of these qualifications! The owner of a second generation company, he and his company have been members of Milwaukee/NARI for more than 25 years. This gentleman is a Certified Remodeler Specialist, has served on several association committees, and he also was a Milwaukee/NARI board member and executive office, including a two-year term as president. He is a regular participant in panel discussion held at area schools, and a regular contributor to the association’s question and answer columns.

Media Outlet of the Year: WTMJ-TV Channel 4
This media organization assists Milwaukee/NARI in its effort to provide home improvement and remodeling resources to consumers throughout the area while enhancing the association’s image and community presence. This media outlet is recognized for providing competitive rates and a host of value added features, including complimentary airtime and ad production services. The station’s reporters regularly seek out Milwaukee/NARI members to serve as sources for stories, providing opportunities for the association to educate consumers regarding various home improvement and remodeling activities.

Professionalism Award: Tony Rink, CR, Renovators Ltd.
This member has shown exceptional devotion, dedication, and accomplishment to the home improvement and remodeling industry through his efforts to promote NARI as a professional organization on the local level while at the same time serving as a tremendous resource for the community. A member of the Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council since February 1996, he is recognized as one of the association’s biggest proponents when it comes to being involved in association activities, serving in a number of capacities resulting in the chapter’s growth and success. This has included serving on multiple committees and task forces, along with the board of directors and executive committees. He has been an active participant in association events, and in consumer and technical school panel discussions and seminars. He mentors those within the industry and shares his insight with peers as they encounter challenges. An excellent spokesperson for Milwaukee/NARI, he is able to provide insight in an easy to understand manner that is beneficial to homeowners.