Defining Our Awards

The Local Achievement Awards are presented to deserving NARI members for their remarkable accomplishments and successes. Members are nominated by the marketing committee each fall for these noteworthy awards.

These awards have been named after past Milwaukee/NARI members whose achievements have special significance.

Marvin Johnson Meritorious Service Award
This award honors an individual who has shown exceptional leadership, devotion, dedication, and accomplishment on behalf of NARI at the national level. This award is presented to a NARI member, either past or present, for meritorious service to NARI and the remodeling industry.

Locally, this award honors Marvin Johnson, who became a Milwaukee/NARI member in 1968. Throughout his time, Marvin was active in several aspects of NARI on the local level, as well as the national level. It was not uncommon to find him serving on several committees as well as the Board of Directors almost every year he was a member. He was instrumental in having NARI National adopt the Milwaukee/NARI logo as its overall logo, was a strong part of the success of the Home Improvement Show, and has the honor of being the only Chapter President to serve three consecutive terms.

Professionalism Award
Presented to a non-paid NARI member who has shown exceptional leadership, devotion, dedication and accomplishment through his or her efforts to promote NARI as a professional organization at the local level.

Distributor of the Year
The NARI Distributor of the Year recognizes a distributor who has demonstrated a strong commitment to NARI, the professional remodeling industry, and the community or communities in which it does business. The company must have demonstrated its involvement in activities such as support and promotion of the local NARI chapter, recruitment of new NARI members, and community service projects.

Bill Bobrowitz Image Award
This award is open to all who contribute to the enhancement of the remodeling industry's image. Entrants can be NARI members or non-members. One way to enhance the image of the remodeling industry and increase consumer awareness is through a community project or charitable event. Some other ways include developing a public relations campaign; getting involved in local broadcast media (such as hosting a radio or television show); sponsoring civic events; or organizing any number of events that will increase recognition of the NARI name. This award will be judged on an undertaking, such as civic or charitable projects, public relations efforts, legislative activities, etc., which promotes the image of the remodeling industry, not an individual or company. This award recognizes those who promote remodeling, not their business.

This award is named for Andy Hertel who served as the executive director of Milwaukee/NARI for many years. During his time, he was instrumental in the setting up and continuing this success of the Home Improvement Show held each spring.

If you would like to be nominated for one of these awards or would like to nominate someone, e-mail Milwaukee/NARI at or call the NARI office at 414-771-4071.

Media Outlet of the Year Award
Recognizes a media organization that assists Milwaukee/NARI in its effort to provide home improvement and remodeling consultation and resources to consumers throughout the area while enhancing the association's image and presence in the community.

Affiliate Organization of the Year
This honor is presented to a member company - not directly in the home improvement and remodeling industry - which has assisted the local association in its business activities and has enhanced its operations.

Each fall Milwaukee/NARI honors the outstanding work its members have done throughout the year with the Wisconsin Remodelers Awards. Entries can be submitted in over 20 categories.

Gordy Ziglinski "Spirit of Education" Award
This prestigious award recognizes excellence in training and education in the construction industry. Any person whose work is related to the remodeling and building industries and who can show that he or she has trained others, is eligible.

This award is named after Gordy Ziglinski, who became a member of Milwaukee/NARI in 1979, and spent his time as an active member of almost every committee. While serving on the ethics committee, he not only worked with the Better Business Bureau to help set standards for the industry, but also assisted with the development of the Council's Rules and Regulations, as well as the Standards of Procedures Code of Ethics. In 1994, he set up the Education/Certification committee, serving as chairperson until 1996, and was responsible for beginning the certification program for Milwaukee/NARI members.

Mary Fox Hagner Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is one that the association has given out in the past, but in 2005, it was renamed. After serving 12 years as Milwaukee/NARI's executive director, Mary Fox-Hagner passed away in June 2005 after fighting a valiant battle with cancer. To remember Mary's contribution on behalf of the association, a decision was made to rename this award the Mary Fox Hagner Lifetime Achievement Award.

A member is eligible to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award when they have at least 20 years experience in the remodeling industry, and have been a member of NARI for a minimum of 7 years.

Government Affairs Award
The NARI Government Affairs Award is presented to a NARI member or members who have demonstrated active involvement in pursuing the legislative interests of the professional remodeling industry. Entrants may be active on any or all levels of government including federal, state, county and city.

Certified Remodeler (CR) and Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) Superstar Award-Local
The CR/CLC Superstar Awards will be presented to the outstanding new Certified Remodeler (CR) and Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC) who have achieved the highest score nationally on the written certification exam during the previous calendar year. Candidates for this award will include any and all persons who have completed the written certification exam during the preceding year.

Certified Professional of the Year
This award recognizes a person who's been a Certified Professional for at least three years and has continued to excel in the field, while sharing professional experience and expertise with other association members.


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