Who are NARI Milwaukee Members?

  • Businesses directly involved in the remodeling industry whose primary operation is the sale of its goods/services to the public
  • Those engaged in the remodeling industry for more that one year and presently conducting ongoing business with a physical location and/or representation in NARI Milwaukee's geographic area
  • Businesses that hold the appropriate licenses, credentials, and insurance to professionally conduct business
  • Businesses that have established stable references and relationships with local homeowners and suppliers/vendors

Why should consumers use NARI Milwaukee Members?

Did you know...

  • NARI Milwaukee is the largest chapter within the National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • NARI Members must be directly involved in the remodeling industry or their business primary relationship to the industry is in an advisory capacity
  • Businesses are required to provide the appropriate license(s), credentials, certification(s), and insurance before being accepted as NARI Members
  • NARI Milwaukee checks customer and supplier references before accepting a company for membership
  • NARI has a Code of Ethics that all members must follow
  • While not needed often, NARI Milwaukee offers a grievance resolution procedure for consumers and contractors