Certified Professionals

NARI Certified Professionals

Working with a NARI Certified Professional is a guarantee of excellence.

NARI Certification is the recognition of a remodeling professional who has undergone extensive screening by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, demonstrated commitment to professional conduct, participated in intensive studies on a broad range of critical industry issues and successfully completed a comprehensive written exam.

Individuals who are NARI Certified have met the following requirements:

  • A minimum of five years continuous full-time employment in the remodeling industry.

  • Acceptable review by the NARI Certification Board based on the individual’s hands-on experience, industry training, continuing education, technical skills, business management practices, and association and community service.

  • Adherence to NARI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform the remodeling functions directly related to a particular certification designation.

  • Satisfactory completion of a written examination covering the fundamentals of remodeling.

  • Compliance with annual continuing education requirements.

All NARI Certifications require high standards of performance, professionalism and high ethical standards. Only experienced and dedicated industry professionals are able to earn the distinction of calling themselves a NARI Certified Professional. NARI Milwaukee is proud to say that the best and brightest individuals in the remodeling industry of Southeastern Wisconsin are members of this chapter.



NARI Milwaukee's Certified Professionals

2nd Life Home Repair & Remodeling Services, LLC
Anthony Graham, CLC

Tracy Grosspietsch, CKBR, UDCP
Jessica Patrick, CKBR

Advantage Design + Remodel
Andy Schafer, MCKBR, CKBR, CLC
Gregory Wade, CR

Jason Dellar, CRPM
Randy Lewis, CR, CRPM
Bryan Brisky, UDCP

Access Elevator, Inc.
Jon Tevz, UDCP
Charles Lubner, UDCP

Allrite Home & Remodeling, Inc.
Randy Miller, CR
Jordan Miller, CRS

B & E General Contractors, Inc. 
Mark Brick, MCR, CR, UDCP

Bartelme Builders, Inc.
Richard Gemoll, CLC
James Bartelme, Jr, CR

Big Fish Contracting
Kristen Greene, CKBR

Brillo Home Improvements, Inc.
Melissa Bovee, CKBR
Guy Lipovsek, CKBR, UDCP
James Zaja, CLC
Juel A Scherf, CR
Robert Quigley, CR, UDCP

Burback Builders, LLC
Joe Kazmierczak, CR, CRPM

Callen Construction, Inc.
Derek Harcus, CLC
Joshua Salapat, CLC
Mike Strayer, CLC
Robert Pavlick, CLC
Ryan Rieck, CLC
Christopher Wittmann, CR
Lance Dahl, CR
Michael J. Wood, CR
Paulette Sodemann, CKBR

Carmel Builders, Inc.
Arthur Cartes, CLC
Kathryn Schley, CR
Louis Weiher, CR
David Freigang, CR
Drayton Buckner, CR
Joe Weiher, CKBR

Connor Remodeling & Design, Inc.
Kenneth Steven Connor, CR
Kevin Connor, CR, CLC

COR Improvements
Rachael Miller, CRPM, UDCP
Rick Miller, CLC
Mackenzie Osvatic, CLC

Cor Renovations, LLC
Cory A. White, CR, CRPM, CLC

Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Inc.
Bingo Emmons, MCR, CR, CRPM, UDCP
Zachary Emmons, CRS, CRPM
David Hoffman, CRPM
Brian Kozak, CRPM

Design Group Three, Inc.
Matthew Krier, GCP

Adam J Schwai, CR
Jeffrey D. Brady, CR
Jeremia Johnson, CRPM

Design Tech Remodeling
Kevin Latsch, CR

DG Remodeling, Div. of David & Goliath Builders
Sharon Volz, CKBR, UDCP

Diane Nelson Interiors, LLC
Diane Nelson, CRPM

Dimension Design, Build, Remodel, Inc.
David Kallie, CR

Feia Construction
Susie Feia, CKBR, UDCP

Four Seasons Sunrooms/Chris Egner Design-Build-Remodel
Chris Egner, MCR, CR, CKBR, CRPM, UDCP

GMH Construction, Inc.
Dane Perkins, CKBR
Greg Perkins, CR

J & J Contractors I, LLC
John O. Meiners, MCR, CR, CKBR, CRPM
Brian Zimny, CRPM

jdj lifestyle design remodel ltd.
Perry Szpek, CKBR
Dan Klappa, MCR, CR, UDCP

Kelmann Restoration
Adam Buss, CR

Kerzner Remodeling & Construction
Nick Kerzner, MCR, MCKBR, CR, CKBR

Klassen Remodeling & Design
Ron Klassen, CKBR

KP Carpentry
Ken Polewski, CKBR

KS Remodelers, Inc.
Ken P. Skowronski, CR

L. H. Krueger & Sons, Inc.
Leah Bitar, CRS

Lemel Homes, Inc.
Lawrence Todd DeLonge, CRPM

Lion Tree Group
Ben Lindberg, CR
Burt Cavanaugh, CR

Milestone Plumbing, Inc.
Jessie Cannizzaro, CRPM, UDCP

Millard Construction Services, LLC
Chad Millard, CKBR

NARI Milwaukee
Diane Welhouse, CKBR

Nehmey Construction, Inc.
John Nehmey, CR, UDCP

Oak Creek Plumbing Kitchens & Baths
Jim Kryzanek, CR, CKBR
Daniel Callies, CR, UDCP

Owner Assisted Remodeling by Renovations Group, Inc.
Bryan Ward, CKBR
Richard Ripple, CLC
Tony Rink, CR

Parkland Electric, Inc.
Dennis Dockter, CRS

Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of SE WI
John Witek, CRPM

Pekel Construction & Remodeling, Inc. 
David R. Pekel, MCR, CR, UDCP, CAPS
Mona Pekel, UDCP

Phantom Creek Builders, LLC
Tom Zastrow, CR

Preferred-Your Window and Door Source
Michael McIntosh, CR
Patrick McIntosh, CR

Premier Floors
Andy Braun, CR

QRS Group
Jacob Ruiz, CKBR, CLC
Luis A. Ruiz, CR

Refined Renovations
Andrew Schade, CLC
Dalton Riner, CLC
Matthew Jahns, CR

Renovations Group, Inc.
Richard Ripple, CLC
Bryan Ward, CKBR

Renew View Custom Trim
James Houghtaling, CR

S & E Insulation 
Randy Miller, CR

S. J. Janis Company, Inc.
Joseph J Klein, CKBR, UDCP
Gary Sannes, CR
James Pitzen, CR
Nathan Wachtl, CR, UDCP

ServiceMaster Recovery Services
Susan Scifo, MCR, CR, CRPM

Stebnitz Builders, Inc.
Kevin Anundson, MCR, CR, CKBR

Story Hill Renovations LLC
Jack Golatke, CR
Thomas Mainville, CR, UDCP
David Deblitz, CLC, CRPM

Sturgeon Interiors, Ltd.
Betsy Hoke, CR

The Cabinet Maker, LLC
John Phillips, CR

The Tub Doctors
Vickie True, UDCP

Urban Herriges & Sons, Inc.
Julie Herriges, CKBR, CR
Joseph Herriges, CLC, CR
Robert Herriges, CR

Winters Group, LLC
Michael Schulz, CLC

Your Home Plan-It, LLC.
Richard DuPrey, CR

Certifications Defined:

MCR (Master Certified Remodeler): The MCR designation recognizes a professional remodeler who has demonstrated commitment to the remodeling industry through support of their local NARI Chapter, NARI National, and/or their local community. The MCR identifies Certified Remodelers who have withstood the test of time, continue to be successful within the industry and have agreed to uphold the NARI Code of Ethics.

GCP (Green Certified Professional): The GCP designation denotes professionals who distinguish themselves through work that promotes the highest standards in green design and remodeling.

CR (Certified Remodeler): The CR designation denotes a professional remodeler who provides a full range of residential and/or commercial remodeling services. These individuals must possess skill and knowledge in a broad range of business management and technical skill areas.

Certified Remodeler Associates (CRAs): CRAs actively support the remodeling industry in professions such as architects, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants.

CRS (Certified Remodeler Specialist): The CRS designation denotes professional remodelers who focus on a specific type of work and serve the needs of homeowners interested in their area of technical expertise such as concrete or masonry, electrical, insulation, mechanical systems, plumbing, roofing or siding work.

CKBR (Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler): The CKBR designation denotes professionals who own, or have been employed by, a company that is actively involved in the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms. To become a CKBR, the individual must have a minimum of five years of continuous service in the remodeling industry and conduct a minimum of four kitchen or bathroom remodels per year.

UDCP (Universal Design Certified Professional): The UDCP designation denotes professionals who distinguish themselves through work that promotes the highest standards in universal design and remodeling.

CRPMs (Certified Remodeling Project Managers): CRPMs are the field personnel who oversee every aspect of the project: customer satisfaction, personnel management, administration, etc. while working on the project or projects.

CLC (Certified Lead Carpenter): The CLC designation denotes professionals who are hands-on field personnel and oversee every aspect of a project. This includes personnel management, job safety, and administration during production of the project to ensure customer satisfaction. Certified Lead Carpenters are given a different written exam specific to their role as the hands-on remodeling expert.

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